Dog Found Dead with Mouth Taped Shut

Earlier this month I reported on a dog that someone found with its mouth taped shut in Parker County, Texas, just west of Fort Worth.  The female pug mix was rescued and named Hope.  She’s recovered from her injuries and has been adopted by the couple on whose ranch she was found.  Now, comes yet another horrific case of a dog found with its mouth taped shut, except this one did not survive.  The body of the female pitbull mix was found in Kaufman County, just south of Dallas, on Friday, July 27.  The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Texas has offered a $5,000 reward leading to information about the animal.

Dogs, like most animals, pant to keep cool; thus, forcing a dog’s jaws shut could cause it to overheat.  In the triple-digit temperatures Texas has been experiencing lately, that could be deadly.  Psychologists also have noted a link between animal cruelty and human violence.  Some of the world’s most notorious serial killers, rapists and / or pedophiles had a reputation for animal abuse.  Fortunately, law enforcement officials – in Texas and elsewhere – now take these matters seriously.

The dog in Kaufman County was taken to the SPCA’s Jan Rees-Jones Animal Care Center in Dallas for a necropsy.  Anyone with information is asked to contact the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Department at (972) 932-4337.  It would be wishful thinking to expect that whoever is responsible for either of these abuse cases could suffer the same fate.

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