August 26, 2012 – 116 Days Until Baktun 12

As Tropical Storm Isaac bears down on the United States’ Gulf Coast region, I want to remind everyone to compose a comprehensive storm preparation list, especially for those living in coastal areas.  People who have lived through various tropical and arctic storms know very well that these things are unpredictable.  They don’t take anything for granted, but they’re always prepared for the worst.  The U.S. National Hurricane Center advises people to keep the names and phone numbers of various local government agencies, hospitals, police stations and insurance companies.  But, in the New Baktun, government as we know it will be rendered ineffective and therefore, insignificant.  Please review the essential items I’ve posted throughout this section – such as rain gear, bottled water and chocolate – and add whatever you feel is appropriate for your situation.  Remember, the ancient Mayans are the ones who first charted and named tropical storm systems.  Besides, a good survivalist holds no national allegiance in a crisis, but they always know what the hell they’re doing.

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