September 23, 2012 – 87 Days Until Baktun 12

Survivalist Tip:  I’ve mentioned previously about gathering some herbs and vegetables in preparation for the apocalypse, since we don’t know how long the initial upheaval will last.  But, I recommend also storing some non-hybrid, or open-pollinated seeds.  Unlike hybrid and genetically-modified seeds, non-hybrid seeds can be stored for a long period of time, which is perfect for future planting.  With the collapse of the normal socioeconomic structure, it’s important to know how to plant seeds and cultivate crops.  Regardless of your environment – city, suburban, rural, cave – non-hybrid seeds allow for comprehensive sustainable gardening.  Think of them as “Victory Gardens” for the New Baktun.

There are as many non-hybrid seeds as there are crops: beans, grains, teas, herbs, fruits, vegetables and even cocoa.  You can even get non-hybrid seeds for livestock and pets.  Along with easy storage, these types of seeds produce foods that have a higher nutritional value than standard hybrid seed plants.  This quite simply is because they are more pure and natural; they haven’t been cross-pollinated with other plants, which has become the standard in food production.  Like all ancient societies, the Mayans planted and harvested their own crops.  They didn’t have grocery stores and restaurants and they didn’t have preservatives.  In other words, they took care of themselves.  Life in the New Baktun will require the same level of self-reliance – and plenty of chocolate!

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