“We have to face some truths.  We have to face some reality.  We are outnumbered and we are losing ground.  This was not a glitch.  This is a trend.  That happened last night.  This is the trend.  We are outnumbered.  Whether you want to put it in terms of – have we lost the country or not?  There’s no other explanation.”

– Rush Limbaugh, on his radio show November 7.

Well, he’s right about one thing: loud-mouthed bigots like him, Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter are, indeed, outnumbered; outnumbered by the increasing diversity in the United States and its equally increasing number of open minds.  In other words, America and the world are no longer the playgrounds of White heterosexual Christian males.  Damn!  They actually have to share now!  Imagine that!  Pardon me if I don’t break out the violin.  As a mostly White male myself, I still can’t relate.  I’m just not an asshole.


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2 responses to “Bitter

  1. Applause! 🙂 Nicely said.

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