November 11, 2012 – 41 Days Until Baktun 12

Survivalist Tip:  Safety goggles are another critical feature in your supply arsenal.  They aren’t just for mowing overgrown lawns, changing car batteries and swimming.  Safety goggles provide vital protection for your eyes.  In the chaos that will most likely erupt after December 21 – when the sudden shifts in axes will hurtle tons of dust and other debris into the air, when fog and smoke from forest fires may linger for months – safeguarding your vision can’t be underestimated.

A sturdy set of safety goggles has some important characteristics:

  • Scratch-resistant lenses,
  • Lenses with anti-fog coating,
  • Shatter proof lenses and frame,
  • Impact resistant,
  • Wide contact between goggle and face for comfortable fit,
  • Stable nose bridge for a proper seal,
  • Wide and adjustable support strap.

These are the same types of goggles military and police officials utilize.  So, if they’re good enough to take down drug dealers and corrupt politicians, then they’re good enough to take out zombies and anyone who tries to steal your chocolate or water.



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