Stupid Quote of the Week #2

“Dear Joe, Jack in the Box restaurants will likely drive customers away if they continue advertising in a manner that offends parents.  Their newest commercial has Jack telling his son how he met his mother at a rock concert.  In a flashback, just as she is about to lift her shirt exposing herself to Jack, the ad ends but leaves nothing to the imagination.  Even though Jack in the Box is not located nationwide, One Million Moms has received numerous complaints from concerned parents and could not ignore this issue.  It is important to let people know how they market their restaurant so they do not patronize the fast food chain while on vacation.  Jack in the Box needs to know we do not approve!”

One Million Moms, in an email to the Joe.My.God blog, complaining about the latest Jack in the Box commercial.

Meanwhile, on March 1, filmmakers Lori Silverbush and Kristi Jacobson released “A Place at the Table,” a documentary that asks why 50 million people (including 17 million children) in the U.S. suffer from food insecurity.

Like most conservative groups, One Million Moms (a.k.a. ‘Housewives with Nothing Better to Bitch About’) has its priorities skewered.

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