Better Not Cry! Better Just Shut the Hell Up!

Nothing says Christmas like evergreen trees, candy canes, strings of colorful lights, ginger bread-spiced Xanax and kids screaming in terror while perched on Santa’s lap.  The latter is particularly reminiscent of those times when you feel the yuletide holiday brings out the best in people.  As these photos indicate, that’s just not true.  Yes, it’s that glorious time of the year.  Merry Christmas, all you little fuckers!


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One response to “Better Not Cry! Better Just Shut the Hell Up!

  1. Oh dear, these kids were not wrapped in the cloaked Juleman! It isn’t always a happy time of year for everyone. There is societal pressure to have a warm and family oriented Christmas but that is not always reality. Those pressures increase the rates of overdoes and suicides. Nevertheless, Alejandro, I hope you enjoyed your Christmas time. This year ours was extremely low key….which was kind of nice.

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