Best Quote of the Week – January 3, 2020

“We want to be clear that, while we love our congregation, we believe that the United Methodist policies on LGBTQ+ clergy and same-sex marriage are immoral.  Depending on how this church responds to the general conference action, we will decide at a later time whether or not to become officially confirmed.  But until then, we will continue to stand up against the unjust actions that the denomination is taking.  We are not standing just for ourselves, we are standing for every single member of the LGBTQ+ community who is hurting right now.  Because we were raised in this church, we believe that if we all stand together as a whole, we can make a difference.”

– An entire confirmation class at First United Methodist Church in Omaha, Nebraska, in a letter announcing to their congregation that they have decided not to become members due to the church’s stance on LGBTQ issues.

The National UMC has preliminarily decided to split into two distinct factions: one that will uphold traditional values, and another that will allow LGBT clergy and members and will perform same-sex wedding ceremonies.

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