Retro Quote – Richard Nixon

“People react to fear, not love.  They don’t teach that in Sunday school, but it’s true.”

Richard Nixon


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5 responses to “Retro Quote – Richard Nixon

  1. That is very true of society at large this year, is it not?

    • Yes, it is. I’ve noticed that with the 2 recent political conventions here in the U.S. Both spent as much time hyperbolizing fears of the “Other Side” as they did highlighting their own accomplishments (the latter which may be subject to opinion). In fact, I saw more doom and gloom from each party than hope. That’s why I’m so disillusioned and even more ambivalent with the entire political process than I was 4 years ago.

      • Politicians and politics need huge reforms but who can bring that in when the nefarious ones are in control?

      • Therein lies the problem! Who’s in control? We all know full well that the wealthy and powerful control the political environment, so our “elected officials” can’t honestly say they work for the people, or rather ALL people. Here in the U.S., I don’t feel any of them truly consider individuals like me. Thus, my cynicism. In the great finale, of course, no one’s wealth and power will matter. But it’s the pathway that’s so disheartening.

      • Disheartening is an apt word! What started out so grand and visionary has been usurped by the greedy and the powermongers. You are right – in this kind of maelstrom, the individual’s concerns are totally lost. I still have hope it will change for the better but that the system has to bottom out first!

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