Creepy Christmas Photos 2021

Silent night,

Holy night,

All is…CREEPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once again, my lovely readers, the yuletide season is upon us, and while most intact families celebrate the wholesomeness of the holidays, we must understand that some people just don’t fully comprehend what it’s supposed to mean.

Herein lies a batch of odd Christmas photos where the subjects just couldn’t get into the spirit or hope their placement on a sex offender’s registry would go unnoticed.


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5 responses to “Creepy Christmas Photos 2021

    • Indeed! Makes you wonder why some people just don’t take photos of candles and the tree!

      • They must have weird taste or do it for clicks?

      • I believe some people have either a twisted sense of humor or are totally detached from reality and create those family photos without understanding how outrageous they are. Others do it deliberately, just to get a reaction from viewers, but still leaving some wondering about the creators’ mental health.

        We have a politician in the U.S. who took a Christmas photo of her and her 4 sons all holding guns. When someone posted that to Facebook, I commented it would be a shame if one of those guns went off inside their house. Shortly after a school shooting in Michigan last month, another politician took a photo of him and his family – all holding firearms – with the verbiage (paraphrasing), ‘Santa, bring us more ammo.’

        I still miss the gatherings my father’s family used to have on Christmas Eve; a Latino-American tradition. No one dressed up like Santa Claus or wore goofy holiday-themed costumes; even ugly sweaters were seemingly off-limits. But we had incredible amounts of food and beverages, mixed in with incredible amounts of love and affection. I have plenty of photos to prove it. And none of them would ever be considered creepy!

      • Your memory of Christmas eve family gathering sounds wholesome and comforting. The politician/s with the guns appears to exemplify anarchistic persuasions that border on extreme terrorist leanings. They are not sufficiently aware of the effects of this kind of thinking on kids and the wider community. I would say it is disgusting but it is really the effect it has on others that is disgusting. The folks themselves I pity. As for their kids- Santa might be confused with Satan….

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