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Justice Continues

Justice was recovering in a Dallas animal shelter before he died last month.

I reported last month about the case of a 4-month-old puppy that was doused in lighter fluid and set afire in South Dallas apartment complex.  The animal suffered severe burns over 70% of his body and died 4 days after the incident.  Police named him “Justice” and sought information about the perpetrator.  A woman who lived in the complex and witnessed the attack finally came forward to identify 18-year-old Darius Ewing as the perpetrator.  Ewing turned in himself shortly afterwards.  A judge set Ewing’s bond at $100,000, but at a hearing this morning in Dallas County, the amount was reduced to $50,000.  Ewing’s mother testified that her son is not a flight risk and complained that the bond was too high because he didn’t kill a person.  Despite his age, Ewing already has an extensive juvenile criminal record going back 4 years.  He’s been charged previously with assault and has gang ties.

His mother’s comment pisses me off.  Stupid bitch!  I don’t care that her precious baby didn’t kill a person.  Just because she doesn’t seem to view him far removed from Pampers doesn’t mean he’s not a danger to society as a whole.  I’ve noticed a lot of these punks have mothers who appear clueless.  If Ewing set a dog on fire, who’s to say he wouldn’t do the same to a human?  A child?  An elderly person?  Gang members have no soul and therefore, deserve no sympathy or compassion – no matter how badly their mothers cry.  I’ll keep everyone updated, as this case strikes a personal chord with this animal lover.

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