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Digital Publishing Advances in Developing Countries Foretell Dramatic Change and Challenges

In 2000, at the age of 23, Argentine-born writer Octavio Kulesz founded an independent publishing house, Libros del Zoral, with his brother Leopoldo.  Libros del Zoral has published more than a hundred titles since, mostly works by fellow Argentine scribes.  But, he’s expanded his reach across the globe in recent years and wants to help people in the “Digital South,” the metaphoric area that is home to the greatest number of developing nations.  Literature, like art and music, has always been able to give the average person a voice; free of political and economic restraints.  Now technology is helping to increase that power with the rise in sales and distribution of e-books.  “The exchange with colleagues across the globe remains essential, both in terms of knowledge and business,” Kulesz says of his efforts to bridge that proverbial digital divide.  This is not just a noble endeavor, but a significant achievement.  Already home to the vast majority of people on Earth, the “Digital South” can’t be locked in a prehistoric time capsule and forgotten.


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