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Best Quote of the Week – March 6, 2020

Well, you know, I think it’s always interesting when the President falls off of his tricycle in the Oval Office and has time to tweet at me rather than focus on the fact that the coronavirus might become a global pandemic.  The stock market is on a roller coaster, there are lots of vulnerable Americans who don’t have affordable health care, housing, or education, and he’s spending his time focused on me.”

Tim O’Brien, senior advisor to Michael Bloomberg, CNN’s “AC 360”.

O’Brien, who is executive editor of Bloomberg Opinion and who has publicly criticized Trump, was responding to the president’s March 4 tweet: “Mini Mike Bloomberg will now fire Tim O’Brien and all the fools and truly dumb people who got him into this mess. This has been the worst, and most embarrassing experience of his life, and now on to Sleepy Joe.”

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