A Trump Cocktail

Trump and Lysol


Filed under Wolf Tales

3 responses to “A Trump Cocktail

  1. Lol. He tried to retract his ridiculous statement. The man will never be a statesmen, only a fool.

    • No, he won’t! But his presidency is a perfect example of how the American political system has allowed for the rise of such discombobulated miscreants into high positions. If people’s lives, reputations and families weren’t slaughtered upon starting their campaigns, we’d have more intellectual and well-educated candidates. Instead, we get stuck with the balls of refuse at the bottom of the greasepit.

      • The squeakiest wheel get the most grease. News is only interesting when it is bad or bold or brash! Trump makes news. That is a fundamental problem with society. The good stories and people are not interesting and get zero media attention. No one seems interested in well educated debate.

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