Worst Quote of the Week – August 8, 2020

“[Children] don’t have a problem, they just don’t have a problem.  It doesn’t have an impact on them.  I’ve watched some doctors say they’re totally immune.”

President Donald Trump, in a video commentary on why schools should re-open, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The video had been tweeted out by Trump’s reelection campaign, but was promptly removed by Twitter for violating its newly-minted standards against spreading false information.


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5 responses to “Worst Quote of the Week – August 8, 2020

  1. He is no orator! Nor has he much intelligence. Just bluster!

    • No, he’s not! He is such an embarrassment and a disgrace to this nation, and I remain astounded that so many people voted for him in 2016. I really don’t fault them, as I didn’t like Hillary Clinton and voted for neither. I also don’t care for any of the current candidates. But it’s even more appalling how many people continue to express support for Trump, although his numbers are dwindling.

      • I was having a discussion about the attraction of the far right and conservative politics amongst many people who were formerly on the left side of the spectrum, which is still fairly centre in terms of American politics – please correct me if I wrong in assuming that). He mentioned the horseshoe theory that folks who have gone leftwards – are so alienated that they are more like the far right than any leftist thinking person. The right becomes more extreme through fear and if you are disillusioned with your liberal style parties, the only place to go is voting for the opposite of that – even though you may not even like them…. a strange concept. I do hope his numbers continue to dwindle, however I think the Democrats need also to do some work. Is Joe Biden the current Democrat candidate? Is he popular?

      • Yes, I believe the “Left” in American politics is overall considered more centrist, but that may be just the view of the leftists. If you consult with more conservative individuals, leftists are just that – liberal leftists. More extreme conservatives consider them anarchists and rebels. Then again, they say that about anyone who doesn’t align with their narrow-minded ideology.

        It seems the conservative mindset has become more radical over the past 30 years than the liberal one. I suppose a century’s worth of civil rights progression – especially beginning in the 1950s – alarmed the right-wing, as the “Others” started demanding more of the equality outlined in the U.S. Constitution and professed by freedom-lovers everywhere. Just as we find out who our true friends are when we are at the lowest points of our lives, a democratic society finds out who is truly committed to equality for all when the status quo is questioned.

        Neither of the two major political parties has held its national convention yet, due to the coronavirus pandemic. Normally, all formal conventions would have been staged by this time, and the blood baths would be in full swing. I’m certain Joe Biden will be the Democratic Party’s nominee. I’m not thrilled with him, though. I feel he’s done his time in American politics. He served in both houses of congress for decades and did eight years as vice president. He needed to have retired to his home and written books on what to do and not do in public office.

        Personally, I don’t know where this is all going to end up, but I just want Trump out of office.

      • Voter Fatigue may be a factor in Joe Biden’s success or failure. I do hope there is a reciprocal level of tiredness fir Trump’s antics but they just get stranger and wilder all the time. There must be loads of folks who hope the human headline isn’t going to falter. But he might….

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