Worst Quotes of the Week – October 17, 2020

“They talk about the suburban women. And somebody said, ‘I don’t know if the suburban woman likes you.’ I said, ‘Why?’  They said, ‘They may not like the way you talk,’ but I’m about law and order.  I’m about having you safe.  I’m about having your suburban communities.  I don’t want to build low-income housing next to your house.”

President Donald Trump, at a campaign rally in Johnstown, Pennsylvania

“The fact that it is a box does not make it illegal.”

Tom Hiltachk, general counsel for the California State Republican Party, regarding accusations the organization placed fake ballot boxes around the state

Hiltachk added that the boxes comply with California’s “ballot harvesting” law, which lets people collect ballots from voters and return them to county election offices to be counted.  He said all of the party’s drop boxes are indoors at county party headquarters, churches or retailers that have agreed to participate and that the boxes are locked and monitored by people.

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