Worst Quotes of the Week – May 29, 2021

“[It] shows that she was comparing the pre-Holocaust period in Nazi Germany to some aspects of America today, specifically, she was noting how history has shown us that certain countries and regimes have indeed separated people into second class citizens.  In essence, she was saying that Jews were branded as second class citizens back then with a gold star, and today we were also seeing a branding and division of people between the vaccinated, and the unvaccinated – two classes of people.  That was the point she made look she wasn’t coming from a place of hate.”

David Brody, a Christian Broadcasting Network commentator, expressing support for comments made by Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene about mask mandates

Sen. Rand Paul and wife Kelley

“I have been targeted multiple times now.  It is reprehensible that Twitter allows C-list celebrities to advocate for violence against me and my family!”

Sen. Rand Paul, declaring that singer Richard Marx is behind a mysterious package left on his doorstep

The package contained white powder and a threatening note.  Paul was referring to a recent Tweet by Marx stating: “I’ll say it again: If I ever meet Rand Paul’s neighbor I’m going to hug him and buy him as many drinks as he can consume.”  That, in turn, refers to a 2017 incident between Paul and one of his neighbors that turned violence.

The FBI is investigating the package, but there’s no proof Marx had anything to do with it.


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2 responses to “Worst Quotes of the Week – May 29, 2021

  1. Christians do themselves no favors by siding with MTG. And again, if you don’t want the vaccine, don’t get it. Let the free market decide though if your insurance company should cover the cost of your treatment should you contract COVID. What do you think those greedy bastards will decide?

  2. David Brody has a point. It’s just like pre-Holocaust Germany. Germany existed for over a thousand years before Hitler came to power in 1933. You can pick any year in that time frame and compare vaccines to it. The yellow star is NOT debatable, and these bastards keep pulling it out because it’s obvious they have NO respect for the word “atrocity.” Being told not to stand near me because you don’t have a vaccine is not the same thing as being shoved into a gas chamber. Anyone who says differently should end up with the age old “cake or death” option – but the choice is Zyklon B or COVID. I will happily inject the @$$holes for that comparison. One after the other.

    Sorry. This… pushed my buttons.

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