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A Ten Year Blogiversary!

Happy 10th Birthday to me!  This month marks a full decade since The Chief entered your lives and brought unmitigated joy, anger, heartbreak and questions about how someone of such deranged mental capacity as me could possibly get onto the Internet.  Aren’t you glad you showed up and stayed?

I can’t even begin to describe the mixture of curiosity and trepidation I felt launching this blog.  I had never really put myself into the public eye under such circumstances.  It’s odd, if you knew me, because in a previous life I’d wanted to be a professional actor.  When I felt my life was going out of control in the late 1980s, I seriously began researching life in California and New York.  But I decided to remain in Texas and hoped someone of importance would notice me.  They didn’t.  Bastards!

Now I’ve resigned myself to being a hermit writer.  I’ve always been introverted and thus, was isolating myself at home long before the COVID-19 pandemic made it fashionable.  That means blogging came natural to me – like eating good food, drinking good wine and having regular orgasms.

I realized almost immediately the blogosphere is ideal for any writer or creative visionary.  It has taken the written word and placed it into the hands of ordinary people.  Whether what they create is valuable or authentic is often purely subjective or subject to fact-finders.  But – for better or worse – people no longer have to rely upon established publishing houses or newspaper editorial boards to determine if they get something published or not.  It’s not necessarily vulnerable to censorship or opinionated editing.

I feel this blog has improved my writing and widened my own eyes to the world around me.  I used it as a platform to promote my first published novel, “The Silent Fountain”.  I’ve been able to broadcast short stories and essays that renowned editorial deities didn’t like.

For all of you who have stayed with me over the past decade, I love you and thank you.  Stay with me!  There’s more psychological shenanigans to come!


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Day of the Imprisoned Writer 2015


“Threats to freedom of speech, writing and action – though often trivial in isolation – are cumulative in their effect and, unless checked, lead to a general disrespect for the rights of the citizen.”

George Orwell


Today is the 34th Annual Day of the Imprisoned Writer, sponsored by PEN International.

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I wanted to let my followers know that I plan to take a brief hiatus from this blog.  I need to ready my novel for publication.  It just got rejected by another mainstream publisher, so I’m leaning towards self-publication.  I truly enjoy blogging, but it takes considerable time and effort.  I’ve been struggling to balance that with other writings and my new full-time work life.  I haven’t had much time to exercise either.  I’d vowed never to let my health be compromised by anything.  But, I’ve noticed that, as I push 50, life gets busier and more hectic.  It can also become increasingly disappointing.  Still, writing is my first passion; my first and only true love in life.  So, that’s where my heart will be for the next couple of weeks at least.

I feel it’s way past time to get this thing done.  I first had the idea in the early 1990’s, jotted down a few notes and some semblance of a synopsis, before putting aside to deal with other stuff going on at the time.  Yes, life does get in the way; then again, I sort of let it get in the way.  I began working on the novel again in 2000 and – once again – let other crap interfere.  I’ve just put it off for too long.  Thank you to everyone for subscribing to my blog.  I’m not disappearing altogether.  If something really significant arises, I’ll jump back into it.  But for now, I need to get this novel done.  I’m tired of working for other people and corporate entities.  Writing is – and always has been – the only true career path for me.

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