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Happy Blueberry Pie Day 2014!


Today is Blueberry Pie Day. Blueberries grow in many places around the globe. Native Americans called them “star berries” because of the 5-point blossom that grows at the end of each blueberry. According to legends among Lake Huron’s indigenous populations, a “Great Spirit” (who else?) sent the berries to feed children amidst a famine. Rich in antioxidants that benefit the central nervous system and can improve memory, blueberries are among the healthiest of fruits. They can also be frozen for long periods of time without any negative effects. There are few things worse than fruit with freezer burn.

So, it’s alright to indulge in some blueberry pie today. Remember, not only were children once saved by them, but blueberries can help you live a long, healthy life!


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