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The Chief’s Most Valuable Possessions

My father’s urn

My mother’s official wedding portrait from 1959, along with other old family photos

The box containing my dog’s ashes

My computers, including this 10-year-old desktop

My cell phone

My vast collection of books

My model car collection

Music CDs

My library of National Geographic magazines that stretch back nearly 80 years

Wine and other spirits

My stash of adult DVDs

And finally…

Who would’ve thought?!  At the start of the third decade of the 21st century, this shit would become a coveted item!

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Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg

As a model car collector, I love just about any kind of miniatures, especially those involving vehicles.  This particular display in Hamburg, Germany features the largest model railway in the world, plus a bevy of realistic model vehicles in an equally realistic miniature setting.


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