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Worst Quote of the Week – November 22, 2019

“Right now I want you to click on that button, and I want you to honor God with his first fruits offering.  If God doesn’t divinely step in and intervene, I don’t know what you’re going to face – he does.”

Paula White, Donald Trump’s “personal pastor”, in an email asking followers to send her a donation of USD 229, they will get “prophetic instruction” on how to attain victory over their “enemies.”

White claims the $229 fee is “in accordance with 1 Chronicles 22:9, and that it is “a specific seed” because “numbers are important to God.”  Those who can’t manage the $229 for prophetic visions are encouraged to send $31 – the sum of 22 and 9.  Now, isn’t that clever?  But she insists the full $229 is needed to “break any chains.”

To the religiously curious, 1 Chronicles 22:9 reads: “But you will have a son who will be a man of peace and rest, and I will give him rest from all his enemies on every side.  His name will be Solomon, and I will grant Israel peace and quiet during his reign.”

I don’t see anything in there about giving money to a man who inspired “The Joker” character and his gal-pal who’s in desperate need of a dye job.

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Praise the Lord and Tithe Your Soul!

The Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), which has some 18,000 affiliates and claims to broadcast on every continent except Antarctica, has come under scrutiny for alleged embezzlement and sexual harassment claims by some of its former employees.  Founded by Paul Crouch, his wife Janice and – believe it or not – Jim and Tammy Faye Baker in the 1970’s, the California-based entity preaches a so-called “prosperity gospel,” which promises material rewards to those who give generously.  It’s obvious from the lavish lifestyles TBN executives lead that the prosperity part is purely subjective.  It’s amazing how people keep falling for these goons.  Like the Roman Catholic Church, Christian evangelicals always screw people out of their hard-earned money; that is, people who can least afford to get screwed.

Proverbs 28:6 “Better a poor man whose walk is blameless than a rich man whose ways are perverse.”

I mean, who needs a pedophile priest looking out for your kids when you have this bitch!

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