Word of the Week – March 27, 2021



Latin, 17th century

Absurdly outmoded or old-fashioned.  Of or relating to a time before the biblical flood.

Example: Like 8-track tape players and dial phones, the political process in Washington seems so antediluvian.


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4 responses to “Word of the Week – March 27, 2021

  1. Antediluvian. Now there’s a word with some nice mouth feel. How about we call Trump supporters antediluvian, because they seem to think going back in time is ideal.

    • I’ve always dubbed right-wing extremists as archaic and retrogressive in thought and ideology. That’s why I’ve often called them “preservatives” – they want to preserve things the way they are, at least for them.

  2. Actually as I was reading the definition I kept thinking of Star Trek, and then as I was cleaning out the litter box I remembered why (no coincidence, I’m sure): dilithium crystals.

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