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Video of the Week – January 30, 2021

Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Green stalked and verbally assailed David Hogg, a survivor of the 2018 Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, earlier this week.  The alphamore congresswoman from Georgia ran and apparently won on her far-right extremist views, including that recent school shootings were hoaxes designed to restrict gun.  Like most right-wing idiots, Taylor-Green puts guns above the value of human lives.  For his part, young Mr. Hogg showed true character by ignoring the screeching banshee following him.

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Best and Worst News of the Week – January 16, 2021

The National Rifle Association (NRA) – the gun rights group that places the value of firearms above the welfare of human beings – has filed for bankruptcy.  The organization, which is two burning crosses shy of a hate group, came under fire (pun deliberately intended) by New York State Attorney General Leticia James for allegedly diverting millions of dollars for personal trips and other questionable expenditures.  That someone dared to question the inner workings of the NRA is probably only slightly more upsetting than the fact a Negro woman is at the forefront of the challenge.

The worst news – at least for me – is that the NRA has now filed paperwork to incorporate in my home state of Texas, a move that doesn’t surprise me.  Like most states run by Republican legislatures, Texas values the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution more than the 1st (which guarantees free speech and the right to vote for EVERYONE) and the sanctity of life itself (except when said life is still inside the womb).

Texas Governor Greg Abbott embraced the NRA with open bullets by tweeting: “Welcome to Texas – a state that safeguards the 2nd Amendment.”

Of course he would say that!

For this pencil-penis crowd of perpetually angry and entitled mostly White men and their cavern-vagina female acolytes, the right to own firearms of any and all kinds became brutally clear after the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre.  Yet another deranged White male decided to ambush an elementary school and kill 20 children and 6 teachers, before – as cowards are wont to do – turning the gun on himself.  Since the killer supposedly had a learning disability, many had wanted doctors to be able to dissect and examine his brain.  I said they should dissect and examine the brain of his mother, who had collected a slew of guns and kept them in her house with that “disabled” son.  He had killed her first.

The NRA’s response to the massacre was a familiar refrain: guns don’t kill people, people kill people.  Yes, they do.  But the fact a “disabled” young man could get his hands on these guns is more disturbing than the hamster-dick gang either realizes or wants to admit.

And despite the horror of helpless little children being slaughtered – nothing happened.  No new legislation at either the state or federal level; no funding for mental health services; no campaign to educate people on the reckless use of firearms.  Nothing.

Thus the discussion was over; it was done.  The nation had unwittingly accepted the massacre of truly innocent children as acceptable.  So there was nothing more to talk about.

In closing let us pray for all of the children who sacrificed their lives so a bunch of angry old men could keep their fucking guns.

Image: Copyranter

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Worst Quote of the Week – September 6, 2019

“I am NOT going to use the evil acts of a handful of people to diminish the God-given rights of my fellow Texans.  Period.  None of these so-called gun-control solutions will work to stop a person with evil intent. I say NO to ‘red flag’ pre-crime laws.  NO to universal background checks.  NO to bans on AR-15s, or high capacity magazines.  NO to mandatory gun buybacks.”

Texas State Congressman Matt Schaefer, in the aftermath of a shooting spree in Odessa, Texas August 31

There is no reference to any types of firearms in any known version of religious texts.  After the invention of gunpowder in China in the 9th century C.E., the earliest documented firearm is the Chinese Heilongjiang hand cannon, which appeared around the end of the 13th century C.E.

Surviving example of a Chinese Heilongjiang hand cannon


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Best Quote of the Week – September 6, 2019

“As it relates to safety in our stores, there have been multiple incidents since El Paso where individuals attempting to make a statement and test our response have entered our stores carrying weapons in a way that frightened or concerned our associates and customers. We have also had well-intentioned customers acting lawfully that have inadvertently caused a store to be evacuated and local law enforcement to be called to respond. These incidents are concerning and we would like to avoid them, so we are respectfully requesting that customers no longer openly carry firearms into our stores or Sam’s Clubs in states where “open carry” is permitted – unless they are authorized law enforcement officers.”

Doug McMillon, CEO of Walmart, on the company’s decision to stop selling certain types of ammunition and firearms and asking customers not to bring weapons into their stores .

The statement is part of a larger memo issued recently company employees.

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Silence Hurts

Jeff Darcy 050413


May 5, 2013 · 5:21 PM

Worst Quote of the Week


“If babies had guns they wouldn’t be aborted.”

U.S. Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas, on his new campaign bumper sticker.

Well, that just makes a whole hell of a lot of sense!  But, wait!  He might be onto something.  Babies holding guns – not much different than politicians holding guns.  I mean, at least babies are too little to know what the hell they’re doing; while most politicians are too little-minded to know what the hell they’re doing.


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Colored Bullets


Courtesy of singer / songwriter / music producer Phonte.

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Finish that Spelling Test, or I’ll Shoot Your Ass!


“You should be able to carry your weapon anywhere in this state.”

– Texas Governor Rick Perry, speaking at a Northeast Tarrant County Tea Party meeting Monday night, the 17th, adding that even teachers and school administrators should be allowed to carry guns in schools, which drew loud applause from the crowd.  He made the comment in response to a question about the Connecticut school shootings.  To his credit, Perry urged all Texas school districts to review their emergency response plans and emphasized that lawmakers should “consider mental health issues” to make schools safer.

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Gun ≠ Manhood


Recently Bushmaster, the gun manufacturer, released an advertisement aimed directly at its male patrons; challenging them to reclaim their “man card.”  The online ad linked to a “test” where questions would help determine if a man is a real man.  Some are silly: ‘Do you eat tofu?’  Others are practical: ‘Can you change a tire?’  For the record, my answers are ‘no’ and ‘yes,’ respectively.  The test apparently has been removed, but this debate is coming up again in light of the Connecticut school shootings last Friday.

The connection between Bushmaster and the massacre of 28 people in that grade school is more than just a little unsettling.  Adam Lanza, the 20-year-old shooter, used a .223 assault rifle – the same kind displayed in Bushmaster’s advertisement.  In this gun-loving society, some men – and women – still equate firearms with masculinity.  A gun or rifle, after all, has a strangely-phallic shape (which may or may not be by design) and bullets could easily be mistaken for testicles or even sperm cells.

This whole thing is similar to the ongoing myth that a boy becomes a man when he has sex with a woman.  Apparently, the hyper-macho crowd didn’t that out too well, since it assumes that adult females are the harbingers of masculinity; that the secret ingredient to true male adulthood is somehow ensconced within a woman’s vaginal walls.  But, as the proud owner of a penis, I never felt a woman held the ‘Holy Grail’ to my manhood.  And, neither does Bushmaster.  Despite its phallic resemblance, a firearm just can’t substitute for a penis, or more importantly, a man’s true sense of self worth.

I’ve known plenty of real men in my life, including my father and uncles.  They, along with several male friends, know how to shoot a firearm; a few own actually a gun or two.  That’s fine.  People have that constitutional right, just like they have the right to free speech, which I feel is more important.  But, none of those men I know has the overwhelming need to shoot a gun and kill people to prove their masculinity.  Boys become men when they learn to accept personal responsibility for their actions; when they learn to take care of themselves; when they show respect for others, while maintaining their dignity; when they care for their families and their communities; when they stand up for those who truly can’t stand up for themselves.  These are real men I know: fathers and husbands; hard workers; tax-payers – men who have built good lives for their families.  A real man knows how to set the table and do laundry, as well as change a flat tire.  A real man spends time playing tea party with his young daughter, or coaching his son’s little league soccer team, not out shooting deer and moose.

These men don’t need a gun manufacturer to issue them a “man card.”  They earned their “man cards” themselves – not from some stupid test asking about tofu and staring down fifth-graders.  They’re the silent majority.  They’re the real men of this world.

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It Accepts Debit Cards and Gold Doubloons, Too

Bill Day 121412

And, the best part is that you don’t have to think before you buy!

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